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A holistic 360-degree approach in sustainability:

RENIM PROJECT is seriously ensuring in taking a holistic 360-degree approach to claim that we are a sustainable fashion brand. Not only second-hand jeans, cloths and recycled materials but included the production process itself. Such patterns and pieces are sustainably sourced, totally recycled fabric and material. Most of our pieces require 100% of hand-made work, also inspiring from Thai traditional crafts techniques, to craft upcycled and reworked pieces, to integrate traditional and contemporary design..

Our brand starts from a combination of passion for jeans and material recycling. Int Thailand, there's a huge secondhand market where you can find every single categories of fashion that travels all around the world and end up in our country. Thailand is one of the 3rd world countries’ destination of all dumped clothing clogging landfills.


We, as a sustainable fashion brand, have a huge heart of willing and doing to help our planet reduce all waste, not create new.  We redesign cloths, deconstructing and reborning vintage, second-hand and deadstock material and fabric, by focusing on quality, -- not quantity. RENIM PROJECT makes sure that we use the whole life-cycle of each material. Deconstructing old cloths, then still use small pieces that cut-off to make a new piece of recycle fabric again, since begining to end.

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