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Fall/Winter 2019

Collection 'REBORN'

" REBORN "  Fall/Winter 2019, the second collection of RENIM PROJECT 

from desires of reducing more of wastes from vintage clothes which create Climate Changes and Global Warming.

The designer combines the looks of city people to 80's street fashion to become the new silhouette of the "REBORN" collection.

The deconstruction of a vintage jacket and classic black suit, together with fade black jeans

with half of trousers framed the totally new look of an officer. The look of a woman with a classic white shirt

covered by a black suit mixed with a decomposition of vintage jeans with a high-waist belt also presents the look of today's officer look. 

The new sneakers and boots are both made from vintage denim create a touch of different fade jean, same as the cap mixed from vintage jeans.


The technique of white rubber cover on vintage jean handbag and sneakers.

This collection put on more logos printed on items such as lady backpack, waist-bag, sneakers, and jeans, moreover the logo has seen as on the earings as well.

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